LEVEL SPACES was formed in April 2018, back when all the members, even though already friends, were playing in different projects. Formed by the Terron brothers Lenny on the guitar, Henry on the bass, and Guiller on the cajon, along with Sonny Klinger also on the guitar, who were all back then playing in an acoustic band called The Red Box. Meanwhile, drummer Geraint Morton was already hitting it with the duo Buckit, as well as a parallel hard rock band, S.H.O.T., with Lenny and Henry Terron.

It was then that, during a Northern Europe Tour they all did with both bands together on the road, they decided to join each other and make a single, temporary project out of it. And just like that, on one sunny day in Copenhagen, LEVEL SPACES was born. And playing on the streets under that name was the way to not only complete the ongoing tour, but also create a special project uniting all of the friends.

The public acceptance of that different kind of music was immediate, which was more reason to, when coming back to their home in Berlin in the next month of May, decide to keep going and record their first Demo EP, "LIVE JAM". It consisted of 90% improvisation, that the guys recorded during a live 1-hour set in their home studio, and set the base for everything that was coming up!

After the release of "LIVE JAM" in 2018, the band starts to gain a consistent fan base everywhere they would play, including many regular sessions in small cities in Germany, and especially in Berlin.

On the next year, after constant work with experimenting new ideas, they decide to go back in studio for another hour long jam, again improvising most of the material, and this time with even more connection, having already been playing for a year longer. Thus was born their second EP, "LIVE JAM II". Public reception was just as great, and inspiring to do yet another European Tour.

And during the same year, 2019, along with their musical evolution and the need for more punch and spice on their material, came the need for a new member - so they were joined by yet another Terron sibling, Stefany, on the electronic drumpads. Then they were more than ready for hitting the road again, this time going south, through Dresden in Saxony, then Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Venice, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Barcelona, Madrid, Porto, Lisbon, Sevilla, as well as Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg, Brunswick and Magdeburg, in Germany, until back to Berlin.

After all those improvised street gigs, spirits were high, because not only they had traveled more and further than ever together, but also that by then they had already sold more than 6.000 copies in those 2 short years.

And that's not the end of the journey. In fact, it's just the beginning. The year 2020 is still going to be full of surprises, starting with the upcoming release of their debut album, "UNIVERSO PARALELO", in the month of April.